Modern Climate Control is Jacksonville, Florida’s full-service home HVAC repair, maintenance and installation company specializing in modern solutions to your heating, cooling and ventilation problems. Our services include air balance & zoning, new system installation, HVAC maintenance and repair, and air quality inspection designed to improve the air you breathe, increase your level of comfort and reduce your utility bills.

Many HVAC companies out there will pressure you into signing off on expensive, unnecessary repairs or even replacing your home system entirely. Here at Modern Climate Control, we believe in saving your family’s money by properly maintaining your system and identifying problems before they become catastrophic failures. We know you have a choice when it comes to choosing the company that serves your family and we work hard to keep you business by performing quality work with obvious results.

Modern Climate Control takes a modern approach to solving home heating and cooling problems. We know that breathing better and living more comfortably improves quality of life and that saving money lets you rest easier at night. Our team can help you modernize your home with intelligent devices that give you complete control over your home’s climate and simple fixes that improve efficiency and transform you home into a Smart Home.

We are a small, local business with a stellar record of expert customer service and a proven track record of delivering the best work on the market. You won’t find better service or a team more interested in improving your home’s air. We take great pride in doing things right the first time and make it a point to find ways to save you money. Our number one priority is ensuring your family’s comfort and air quality. Call or contact us now to get your home on track to becoming a healthier, happier place. We look forward to serving you and yours!